The Cross Worked. 

Why You Can Have Confidence On the Day of Judgment



That is exactly what the entire New Testament is shouting to believers. There will be no fear, no shame, and no guilt on the Day of Judgment. Instead, we can have confidence on the Day of Judgment because we are totally forgiven and just like Jesus. 

In The Cross Worked., Zach Maldonado explores the Scriptures about forgiveness, reward, and judgment, and dismantles the popular religious jargon around these verses, revealing:  

·      Believers are forgiven of all their sins—past, present, and future. 

·      Believers will not be judged for their sins. 

·      Jesus Christ is our Reward. 

·      We are secure in Jesus. 

Discover how the truth of the Cross enables you to enjoy Jesus and live each day with confidence!


Zach Maldonado has brought together many of the most important truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ and expressed them beautifully. There are very few books that do that as well as this one, so please don’t miss “The Cross Worked.”! - Ralph Harris, author of God’s Astounding Opinion of You, President of LifeCourse Ministries.


Zach Maldonado’s book The Cross Worked. has earned a place on Scope Ministries International’s recommended reading list as well as our training required reading list. Mr. Maldonado expertly uses Scripture to reveal common misunderstandings concerning the believer’s walk with God. These misunderstandings affect our ability to walk with confidence in Him. I recommend this book whole-heartedly. A word of caution: Make sure you buy multiple copies to pass around to friends and family! - Dr. Scott Hadden, President of Scope Ministries International


Your sins have been forgiven. The work has been done. Walk with Zach through the pages of this book, and let this amazing truth fill your heart with confidence and turn your guilt and fear into rest and peace. - Bob Christopher, author of Simple Gospel, Simply Grace and radio host of Basic Gospel.


So many Christians embrace the forgiveness of God offered in the grace of the Lord Jesus through His work on the cross, yet continue to live in guilt, shame, and fear that God is still going to judge them for their sin. In his new book, “The Cross Worked.,” Zach Maldonado helps these dear believers enter into the glory of their total forgiveness so they can experience the abundant life that Jesus offered to all who come to Him by faith. Devour this book and enter into the freedom of your birthright in Christ! - Frank Friedmann, Teaching Pastor at Grace Life Fellowship


I can’t say enough good things about Zach Maldonado. Not only is he a close friend, he is an incredible voice in this generation. His passion for everyone to find the freedom and confidence only found in the completed work of the cross shines through in this book. Too often we only believe the cross accomplished enough to get things started for us. The title, The Cross Worked., ends with a period for a reason. In this book, Zach unpacks the eternal and ultimate confidence this period promises us through the beautiful gift of the New Covenant. - Chad Belew, Lead Pastor at the Arsenal Church, San Antonio, Texas


Zach has written a refreshingly CLEAR book on the goodness and finished work of Jesus! Zach encourages us to live,breathe and move “from grace, not for grace.” This book is just what I have been looking for to share with others on how they can be confident in their relationship with God for today and in their last earthly breath. I’m not exaggerating- I LOVE THIS BOOK!! - Tracy Levinson, bestselling author of unashamed - candid conversations about dating, love, nakedness & faith


In The Cross Worked., Zach does an excellent job of walking through exactly what happens when we place our faith in Jesus and he does so with a deep grounding in the Bible. In this book, you’ll find verse after verse and truth after truth to set you free from any misconception you may have about your new identity in Christ. - Zach Lambert, Lead Pastor at Restore Austin


Zach’s biblical knowledge of God’s grace runs deep within these pages. His gift of communicating just how secure we are in Jesus Christ was astounding! If you are looking for a confidence- building book, backed up by tons of Scripture, this is the read for you! - Matt McMillen, Author of 60 Days For Jesus


I can think of no greater need for the world or the church than to know that God's love, displayed by the cross of Christ, has brought total forgiveness and new life to all who place faith in Him! In this book, my dear friend Zach Maldonado beautifully explains the simple yet profound truths of God's transforming grace and just how fully, The Cross Worked! This is a must read for anyone that wants to know how loved they are. - Tim Chalas, Lead Pastor of Grace Life Fellowship


Zach Maldonado truly stands out as one of those brilliant young Grace preachers of our time. He gets it! The cross was enough. Christ finished the work. God’s grace is sufficient! Never before has the New Covenant message of total forgiveness and no condemnation been so needed, especially in a culture of youth who are constantly terrorized by the fear-based preaching and teaching so prevalent in the church. This book is clear and powerful proof that Zach knows his subject and is deeply qualified to teach it. You will get a greater grasp of God’s grace as you read.- Tony Sutherland, Speaker, Author, Worship Leader, Atlanta, GA


The Cross Worked. had me grinning from ear to ear with each page. It’s a super-concentrated dose of “It is finished!” Zach does a fantastic job of explaining several passages that come up in every Q & A about the message of pure grace because of misinterpretations of certain scriptures that cause fear for believers. Zach applies the truth clearly and decisively. Finally we have a book that addresses a multitude of doubts and points the reader to the completed, final, eternal work of Jesus, bringing great peace to the conscience! - Tricia Gunn, founder of Parresia and author of Unveiling Jesus


Zach comes out swinging in The Cross Worked., and he doesn’t pull any punches. If you’re looking for nice little antidotes, poems and stories, go somewhere else. From the first page, Zach lays out a straightforward, no-nonsense explanation of the gospel of grace. Most people know that Jesus is significant, but they don’t really know why. In The Cross Worked. you get a comprehensive and compelling explanation of why Jesus matters! I’m a grace preacher, and this book has already got me more fired up thanI’ve ever been! - Jason Mayfield, Pastor, Speaker, and President of Grace For Life


Zach Maldonado shares the truth of the Gospel of grace through the lens of his passion and experience for encouragement and practical application like no one else can. The CrossWorked. will help you know all Christ has done for you and allHe is to and in you. Even more than that, Zach’s zeal for you to rest in Christ’s finished work will inspire you daily to know and enjoy Life with Jesus even more for yourself. Devour this book.You will forever enjoy God enjoying you by grace as a result! - Mike Q. Daniel, International speaker and director at


Zach has written a clear and intriguing primer for God’s amazing grace. This book is a sure-fire conversation starter. - Andrew Nelson, author of Children of the King and Fight for Grace


If you’re looking for some fresh and challenging insight to some old and traditional ways of thinking, this book is for you. Zach does a great job utilizing Scripture as the basis of his invitation to our freedom in Christ! - Steve Eden, Lead Pastor of Grace Church


I believe Zach is a voice of grace to a new generation. I highly recommend his book “The Cross Worked.” as a teaching tool and a study guide for those hungry for the truth about total and complete forgiveness. By the time you finish it you will be convinced of what JESUS did on your behalf and that because of it you are the righteousness of God. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee and prepare to be convinced because “The Cross Worked.” - Wynema Clark, New Covenant For Housewives


Zach has provided a clear concise pronouncement of our freedom in Christ. When so many are living under the burden of the old covenant, or saddled with treadmill Christianity, Zach shows that who Jesus has set free is free indeed. - Jeff Harris, Senior Pastor of Grace Point Church


Zach is a great friend of mine, but an even better man of God. His heart for helping the most free people on earth: Christians, live freely, is shown throughout the pages of this book. The Cross Worked. pierces the shackles that have been put on the human heart by religion and frees us to walk in the confidence of the Cross. The Cross Worked. will help you see that Jesus is in love with you, right where you are. - Benjamin Patrick, Pastor and Speaker